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Deadlines for the Box Tops for Education Collection at Your School and the Official Rules

There may be 2 collection periods for your school in a year, once in the Fall and another in the Spring.  Some schools have two collection periods while others may only have 1 in the Fall.  Check with your school for detail!

Participating schools receive their payment twice each year, by December 31st and by April 30th. (reference official rules for Boxtops for education.)  The following are the official durations for the collection period according to the official rules.

  • March 2nd through November 2nd
  • November 2nd  to March 1st

Note: each school may have their own submission date.  Please contact your Box Tops for Education coordinator at your school for the specific date for your school.

However, the key is to keep collecting Box Tops clips through out the year and submit to your school when it counts the most.  For my daughter’s school, the grade with the most Box Tops earns an extra recess and a prize for the class.  The deadline for the fall collection is in mid-October, which I think it should be extended to the end of November to maximize their earnings.  Most of our food consumption occurs during the latter half of the fall when holidays are stacked up like pancakes at Stacks.

Regardless of the deadline dates, the key to collecting as much Box Tops as possible is to keep collecting them throughout the year, maximizing your earnings using the Box Tops for Education mobile app and stay true to clipping the physical label. (refer to my previous post on signing up for the mobile app and the boxtops4education website).

Happy Box Tops Clipping!


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