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Bonus BTFE Reward with Safeway Monopoly Game

Safeway is currently doing Monopoly.  This is where you shop at any Safeway or other participating store and you will get a stack of game tickets based on what you purchased at the cash register.  The grand prize is $1 Million Dollar.

These tickets are available from 2/6/19 to 5/7/19.

  • Receive a free game ticket each time you make a purchase (come exclusions apply).
  • You will also receive a game ticket for each purchases of a bonus game ticket product.
  • Purchase ten (10) bonus game ticket products in one transaction and receive one (1) additional game ticket.
  • The total quantity of game tickets earned will be specified on your register receipt.
  • etc…

What’s applicable to BTFE is the game ticket.  There are bonus BTFE Reward worth $.50 each included in the monopoly game ticket.  Even if you don’t participate in the monopoly game, do at least rip open for a chance to win money for your school.  

BoxTops Rewards: Only BTFE registered schools will be credited for Box Tops. Code must be redeemed online for school to receive credit. Limit $20,000 per school, per school year for Box Tops redeemed through the Box Tops for Education™ program. See for program details.



Happy Box Tops Clipping

BTFE from Nestle Pure Life

Nestle has partnered with Box Tops for Education.  Now, you can clip BTFE from Nestle Pure Life Purified Water.  The product is available at Walmart and Sam’s club.

Available on Select .5 L and 8-oz bottle mutipacks. The 0.5 L bottles are perfect for families and the 8-oz size is great for lunch boxes and after school activities~


August Summary of Box Tops Offers

1. Walmart Back to School with Box Tops: Ends 9/10/18

“Buy 5 participating Box Tops products, scan your receipt with the Box Tops Bonus app and earn 50 Bonus Box Tops.” Limit 5


2. SAM’s Club, Earn 100 Bonus Box Tops: Ends 9/28/18

“Earn 100 Bonus Box Tops when you buy 3 participating products and scan your receipt with the Bonus Box Tops App. Only at Sam’s Club.” Limit 4


3., Stock up with boxed and earn 100 Bonus Box Tops: Ends 9/9/18

“Buy 3 participating items and earn 100 Bonus Box Tops for your school.” No Limit


4. COSTCO, Share your Box Tops Story & Get a Chance to win: Ends 8/30/18

Inspire Imagination

“You can win even more Box Tops for your kids when you visit and share what your Box Tops inspire!” Limit ~4 entries


5. SAFEWAY, Earn 60 Bonus Box Tops + Chance to win 10k, 20k, or 30k Bonus Box Tops: Ends 9/12/18

Box Tops for Education

“You can earn 60 Bonus Box Tops and a chance to win 10,000, 20,000, or even 30,000 Bonus Box Tops” Unlimited


6. Sweepstakes: We Back to School Sweepstakes by Paper Mate: Ends 8/22/18

“Big news for back to school, Paper Mate is joining Box Tops.  10 Schools will each win 5,000 Bonus Box Tops, Enter for a chance to win.” 1 entry a day.


Other Offers:

7. BJ’s Buy 2 Earn $5: Ends 9/10/18

“Buy 2 participating products and earn $5 in Bonus Box Tops for your school”



8. Shoprite: Earn Cash for Your School : Ends 7/27/19

“New offer! Registered users get 40 Bonus Box Tops when you buy 6 participating product in one transaction.” Unlimited

Earn Cash for your School


3000 Members WILL win 100 Bonus Box Tops- Costco Inspire Imagination

Inspire Imagination

Deadline is just around the corner, and you must act quickly. 8/30/2018 is when the offer ends. Each day, you will have a chance to submit a summary (255 characters) for a chance to win 100 Bonus Box Tops for your school. Yes, its free and takes about 5 minutes of your time for a chance to win 100 Box Tops.

If you have relatives or close friends, you could convince them to sign up for Box Tops and submit every day for a chance to win 100 Box Tops. It’s not a crazy idea after all, and yes it is never too late. I won 100 Box Tops myself today.

“You can win even more Box Tops for your kids when you visit and share your Box Tops inspire!”


  • Account with Box Tops for Education.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Sam’s Club Earn 100 Bonus Box Tops with App

Deadline: 9/28/2018.

Earn 100 Bonus Box Tops when you buy 3 participating products and scan your receipt with the Bonus Box Tops App, ONLY at SAM’S CLUB.


  • You first need to have the Box Tops pp downloaded to your phone.   Follow the link to download the app on your IOS or Android device.  You could also look at my old post on how to download the app on your phone.
  • You then need to have Sam’s Club membership.  (unfortunately, I do not have the membership)
  • Buy 3 participating products from Sam’s Club and scan the receipt with the Box Tops app.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Walmart Buy 5 Get 50 BTFE until 9/30/18

Walmart is getting a head start on BTFE bonus. With an in-store bonus of 50 BTFE when you buy 5 participating products. This offer is limited to 5 times, therefore, with a potential to accumulate 250 BTFE for your school.

Why not get a head start as well; that’s what I did. I purchased 25 boxes of Annie’s Mac n Cheese. This should be enough to last my family until the end of the year, given the current rate that my kids are eating them.

Be sure to have the BTFE app downloaded from the app store for your IOS or Android phone.  If you have not had the BTFE app, following the links below to get started:

Signing up to BTFE

How to down load BTFE App.

Once you have the app and selected the school you’ll collect BTFE for, Go to Walmart and start shopping.

  1. Buy 5
  2. Scan your receipt with the BTFE mobile app
  3. Earn 50 BTFE

By maximizing this opportunity you could earn a total of 250 BTFE or $25 towards your school.

20180715 Walmart BTFE.jpg

Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Keep Clipping Through Summer!!!!

Here are few tips for those who want to keep collecting Box Tops through the summer.  The next collection date for your school will be sometime in October 2018.  So keep collecting Box Tops, whether its clipping or clicking!  JUST DO IT!

SUmmer Clippin.png

Getting to Know the Different Types of Box Tops

1) Box Tops Clips

Look for these Box Tops on hundreds of products. They come in all shapes and sizes and each one is worth 10¢ for your school. As a Coordinator, your job is to submit all the Box Tops that parents at your school have turned in.

They don’t need to be clipped perfectly… just make sure each one has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration dates. Expired Box Tops don’t count toward your earnings!

2) Bonus Box Tops

Turn everyday receipts into extra cash for your school with the Box Tops Bonus App! It features special offers that give you the chance to earn Bonus Box Tops in addition to the Box Tops that you clip from packages. Plus, see even more ways to earn Bonus Box Tops on the Earn Box Tops page.

3) Bonus Certificates

Look for Bonus Box Tops certificates when you shop! Here’s where to find them:

  • In stores during special promotions
  • On specially-marked packages
  • At checkout, printed on your receipt

Bonus Box Tops certificates should also be included in your school’s submission.

4) Bonus Box Tops(TM) Codes

Occasionally, parents may get a printed 16-digit Bonus Box Tops™ code. This code must be redeemed online here for your school to receive credit. Do not include Bonus Box Tops™ codes with your Box Tops submission.



Papermate is Joining Box Tops July 2018

There is a new addition to the Box Tops products for 2018.  Starting in July 2018, Papermate products will come with a Box Tops. Now this means all business and household pens, pencils, and highlighters should be purchased from Papermate (just kidding).  No pressure, but it’s nice to see something other than General Mills products that offer Box Tops.  Finally, we are no longer limited to General Mills cereals to collect Box Tops.  I think this is a great move, hence by expanding product types.  This will provide consumers with different ways to collect Box Tops and contribute to their kid’s school!


Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Learn More About BTFE Coordinator Role

Let’s learn a little about the Box Tops for Education Coordinator Role at your school. Their primary task isn’t just counting BTFE cut outs that students submit. They do more than that!
Q1: First of all, Who is a coordinator?

A: A coordinator is a VOLUNTEER who runs the Box Tops program at a school. An enthusiastic Coordinator can make all the difference in the success of a school’s Box Tops program! This also translates not only to the coordinator but having active engagement from parents as well. It is a collective effort, and the BTFE coordinator leads the program!
Q2: What does a coordinator do?

A: They are the primary liaison between BTFE and the school.

  • Raise awareness and motivate supporters about the school’s Box Tops Program.
  • Communicate the school’s earnings progress to school supporters.
  • Organize and submit all the Box Tops collected by the school

Q3: How can you help?!

A: Coordinators appreciate all the help they can get! Here are some ways you can give your school’s

  • Always send your Box Tops to school in a bundle of 50.
  • Ask local business if they’d be willing to donate gift cards or other prizes for your school’s collection contest.
  • Offer to make copies of collection sheets to hand out at school.
  • Volunteer to help bundle Box Tops at submission time (October and February)
  • Thank your Coordinator for their hard work

If you would like to learn more about becoming a coordinator, follow the link below:


Happy Box Tops Clipping!