Triple Dip Your eBox Tops

Now that you already know how to double dip on eBox Tops. (Refer to my previous post), now its time to triple dip your eBox Tops at Walmart.  This will take you to your nearest Walmart store.  I purchased the following items:

  • 20 Annie’s Mac and Cheese
  • 5 Hamburger Helper.

The reason why I bought the Hamburger Helper was because they ran out of Annies’ Mac and Cheese.  I also didn’t want to purchase lysol because they were pretty expensive.


Let’s take a look at the offers:


“Earn 2 on Hamburger Helper when you purchase any one box starting 8/10/17.  Limit 5 while supplies last. Scan by 9/30/17.”


“Earn 20 on Annie’s when you purchase any 5 Annie’s products starting 7/10/17.  Limit 5, while supplies last.  Scan by 9/30/17.”


“Earn 50 on Box Tops Products at Walmart when you purchase any 5 products at Walmart starting 8/1/17.

To be sure, you may need to do 5 separate transactions purchasing 5 Box Tops Products in order to obtain the offers from Walmart 5 times.

Let’s do the math
(20 products /5 per offer) = 4 (# of time offer is used ) x 20 (bonus offer) = 80 or $8.00

Hamburger Helper
(5 products /1 per offer) = 5 (# of time offer is used ) x 2 (bonus offer) = 10 or $1.00

Walmart Offer
(25 products /5 per offer)= 5 (# of time offer is used) x 50 (bonus  offer) = 250 or $25.00

That’s $34.00 eBox Tops earning towards your school of choice in total.

Out of Pocket Cost: $41.90
($34.00/$41.90) x 100% = 81%

That’s 81% of your purchased price that goes to your school!  That’s excellent!!!

Open your Box Tops Bonus app and select the items you purchased and the number of offers you’d like to count.  Take a picture of your receipt and submit.  It’s that easy and you just earned $34 towards your school.



Happy Box Tops Clipping!

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