Bonus BTFE Reward with Safeway Monopoly Game

Safeway is currently doing Monopoly.  This is where you shop at any Safeway or other participating store and you will get a stack of game tickets based on what you purchased at the cash register.  The grand prize is $1 Million Dollar.

These tickets are available from 2/6/19 to 5/7/19.

  • Receive a free game ticket each time you make a purchase (come exclusions apply).
  • You will also receive a game ticket for each purchases of a bonus game ticket product.
  • Purchase ten (10) bonus game ticket products in one transaction and receive one (1) additional game ticket.
  • The total quantity of game tickets earned will be specified on your register receipt.
  • etc…

What’s applicable to BTFE is the game ticket.  There are bonus BTFE Reward worth $.50 each included in the monopoly game ticket.  Even if you don’t participate in the monopoly game, do at least rip open for a chance to win money for your school.  

BoxTops Rewards: Only BTFE registered schools will be credited for Box Tops. Code must be redeemed online for school to receive credit. Limit $20,000 per school, per school year for Box Tops redeemed through the Box Tops for Education™ program. See for program details.



Happy Box Tops Clipping

I Love My School School Sweepstakes

Check back often for new chances to earn extra cash for your school. Want to see if your school won Bonus Box Tops in one of our sweepstakes or giveaways? Check out our bonus winners page.

Sweepstakes ends 3/3/2019 and you can enter everyday for a chance to win 5000 Bonus Box Tops for your school!


BTFE from Nestle Pure Life

Nestle has partnered with Box Tops for Education.  Now, you can clip BTFE from Nestle Pure Life Purified Water.  The product is available at Walmart and Sam’s club.

Available on Select .5 L and 8-oz bottle mutipacks. The 0.5 L bottles are perfect for families and the 8-oz size is great for lunch boxes and after school activities~


Papermate Return to School Rewards Sweepstakes

2019 is here and Box Tops website finally has an update.  There is a Papermate Return to School Rewards Sweepstakes that everyone who has signed up to Box Tops website can enter.  5 Schools will each win 30,000 Bonus Box Tops and 3,000 Papermate pens. Sweepstakes end on 1/31/2019, so keep entering everyday.

I hope its my turn to WIN this time!

Happy Box Tops Clipping


Monster Cereal Madness Sweepstakes

Halloween is just around the corner.  Box Tops has a new Sweepstakes everyone can part-take.  “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING.”

Enter DAILY for a chance to WIN 10,000 Bonus Box Tops for your school.  PLUS 10 first-prize winners will each receive 1,000 Bonus Box Tops.

We’ll have a greater chance of winning if more parents enter the sweepstakes.  Let’s make it happen!

Make sure you joined Box Tops for Education by going to to participate in the sweepstakes.  Also, stay tuned for new information on

Happy Box Tops Clipping



Fall Box Tops Submission Deadline: November 1st

With the temperature coming down and wind starting to blow stronger and colder, we approach the 1st milestone of the year. For those who are the school Box Tops coordinator, the fall submission deadline is fast approaching. In about 4 weeks, the fall submission is here.

Make sure all Box Tops submissions are postmarked by November 1st. Which means that the Box Tops submissions do not necessarily need to get to Box Tops for Education in Highland Park, MI 48203 on the 1st, but just need to be postmarked by November 1st.

The address to submit the Box Tops is:

Box Tops for Education
350 Victor St.
Highland Park, MI 48203

And just need to follow 3 easy steps.

Box Tops clips on the bottom
Collection sheets next
Submission form and bonus certificates top

Remember, each package must have a unique submission form showing the number of Box Tops that are in that particular package.


Happy Box Tops clipping!


Winn dixie: Earn more cash for your school

For those in California, this may not apply to you.  But for those who have Winni Dixie near where you live, this might be a chance to collect more Box Tops.

Here is the direction:

Link your Winn-Dixie Customer Reward Card to your Box Tops account, add eBoxTops™ offers to your card and earn eBoxTops™ when you shop at Winn-Dixie!

Make sure you joined Box Tops for Education by going to to participate in the sweepstakes. Also, stay tuned for new information on  


Happy Box Tops Clipping!