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BTFE from Nestle Pure Life

Nestle has partnered with Box Tops for Education.  Now, you can clip BTFE from Nestle Pure Life Purified Water.  The product is available at Walmart and Sam’s club.

Available on Select .5 L and 8-oz bottle mutipacks. The 0.5 L bottles are perfect for families and the 8-oz size is great for lunch boxes and after school activities~


2018 Starting the Year Right with BTFE

2018 is here, and we should start off the year right with making a new year resolution. This year make a plan to collect 100, even 1000 BTFE for your school. And Walmart has the right solution to start off the year on track.

You can earn 50 BTFE on participating Box Tops product at Walmart. And this is valid for 5times. But you have to hurry because the offer ends on 1/31/18. If you do not have anything to buy at Walmart, there is always a way. The Old El Paso Fajita mix costs about $.99 per package. You would need to purchase 25 packages or spend $25. You will then be able to raise 250 BTFE for your school. The flipside, however, is that you will have to have Fajita for the next 25 days. I mean, who doesn’t like nice Mexican food! Go grab a case of Corona while you’re at it. (not eligible for BTFE)


Happy Box Top Clipping!

Why buy BTFE on eBay

So why buy BTFE one Ebay? Some may say that this will defeat the whole purpose of buying products from General Mills and other participating products.  It also defeats the purpose of enjoying a family time, sitting around the dining table cutting BTFE from cereal boxes with kids.

To that, what I can say is buying BTFE on eBay actually saves time and money for those who do not want to change their lifestyle and grocery shopping pattern but want to contribute to their kid’s school.

Let’s take an easy example.  In my previous post, I write about purchasing 840 BTFE on eBay for $114.99, which equated to paying $.14 each.  This is approximately $0.04 above the par price of $.10.  Let’s assume that you want to collect BTFE by purchasing grocery products, but don’t want to pay in excess.  The cheapest item I found at Walmart was the Old El Paso Taco seasoning for $.87.

Screenshot_20171029-201549.pngIn order to achieve 840 BTFE, you would need to purchase 840 Old El Paso Taco seasoning and pay $731.  Most significantly, you and your family get to enjoy 840 days of Tacos… and for Christmas too.  I would gladly pay $114.99 for 840 BTFE and enjoy a nice prime rib on a Christmas day.  Furthermore, I don’t have to change my lifestyle or shopping pattern just to collect BTFE.

So enjoy this holiday season with none-BTFE products.  You deserve a day off.

Happy BoxTops Clipping



Triple Dip Your eBox Tops

Now that you already know how to double dip on eBox Tops. (Refer to my previous post), now its time to triple dip your eBox Tops at Walmart.  This will take you to your nearest Walmart store.  I purchased the following items:

  • 20 Annie’s Mac and Cheese
  • 5 Hamburger Helper.

The reason why I bought the Hamburger Helper was because they ran out of Annies’ Mac and Cheese.  I also didn’t want to purchase lysol because they were pretty expensive.


Let’s take a look at the offers:


“Earn 2 on Hamburger Helper when you purchase any one box starting 8/10/17.  Limit 5 while supplies last. Scan by 9/30/17.”


“Earn 20 on Annie’s when you purchase any 5 Annie’s products starting 7/10/17.  Limit 5, while supplies last.  Scan by 9/30/17.”


“Earn 50 on Box Tops Products at Walmart when you purchase any 5 products at Walmart starting 8/1/17.

To be sure, you may need to do 5 separate transactions purchasing 5 Box Tops Products in order to obtain the offers from Walmart 5 times.

Let’s do the math
(20 products /5 per offer) = 4 (# of time offer is used ) x 20 (bonus offer) = 80 or $8.00

Hamburger Helper
(5 products /1 per offer) = 5 (# of time offer is used ) x 2 (bonus offer) = 10 or $1.00

Walmart Offer
(25 products /5 per offer)= 5 (# of time offer is used) x 50 (bonus  offer) = 250 or $25.00

That’s $34.00 eBox Tops earning towards your school of choice in total.

Out of Pocket Cost: $41.90
($34.00/$41.90) x 100% = 81%

That’s 81% of your purchased price that goes to your school!  That’s excellent!!!

Open your Box Tops Bonus app and select the items you purchased and the number of offers you’d like to count.  Take a picture of your receipt and submit.  It’s that easy and you just earned $34 towards your school.



Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Box Tops for Education is not just for kids; Men can also participate too

During my time away from home this week for business, I had been asking people I encountered about Box Tops for Education.  Majority of the people were familiarwith Box Tops for Education.  Interestingly, more women knew more about the program than men.  However, what caught my attention was their distinctively different narratives to their past stories between women and men.

Women respondents proceeded to share their story with “I used to collect Box Tops with my kids while they were in elementary school and had them bring the cutouts to school.” While Men responded with “My kids used to cut them out of cereal boxes.”  What was notable from my interactions was the lack of Box Tops for Education participation by men.
In the wake of the new era when child care and house hold duties are becoming a shared responsibility of the Family,  I encourage all men to stand up and engage in family activities.  There are countless activities men can do to contribute to the well being of the family.  By taking charges, men can participate in Box Tops for Education and enjoy cutting out Box Tops out of package, a shared-value and valuable activities with your kids; that would be an every lasting memory.  I’m not asking all men to immediately start cooking, taking baby steps by taking initiatives in doing house hold duties you may not have tried.

Some activities could be:



Surprisingly all of the products associated with the activities listed above can earn you Box Tops; both physically and digitally.  (Refer to my previous post on signing up to the Box Tops for Education Bonus App).  Yes, and you never know, you may even win your own brownie points!!!

Happy Box Tops Clipping!

50 eBox Tops Bonus Offer from Walmart

Fall is here and school has started for all types of students, including kids and parents.  Deciding what to pack for lunch for kids is a ever lasting conundrum during the school year for parents.  And sometimes we forget to feed ourselves because we’re so busy worrying about our kids.  Let’s make sure to feed ourselves with at least with granola bars if we’re in a rush.  The last thing kids need is a Hangry parentshovering all over them.

How could we keep our pantry full of nutritional and energy rich products so that we’ll always have something to munch on when we are in a rush.  I always have granola bars in my bag or at home.  And now is the prime time to stock up on your nutrient bars at your nearest Walmart for Box Tops for Education products.  For a limited time The Box Tops bonus app has an offer that reads:

“Earn 50 on Box Tops Products at Walmart when you chase any 5 products at Walmart starting 8/1/17. Limited to 5 per customer while supplies last, Scan by 9/30/17.”


So why is this offer so unique?

That’s because we can combine 2 offers from the Box Tops Bonus App.  Here is another offer from the Bonus App.

“Earn 8 on Cascadian Farm when you purchase any 3 Cascadian Farm products starting 7/10/17. Limited to 5 per customer while supplies last, Scan by 9/30/117.”


“Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”    Yes, you can double dip on the offers.

If you purchase 15 Cascadian Farm Products at Walmart, then you could have a cumulative eBox Tops earning of $19.00 that goes towards your school.

Let’s do the math
Cascadian Farm Products
(15 products /3 per offer) = 5 (# of time offer is used ) x 8 (bonus offer) = 40 or $4.00

Walmart Offer
(15 products /5 per offer)= 3 (# of time offer is used) x 50 (bonus  offer) = 150 or $15.00

That’s $19.00 eBox Tops earning towards your school of choice in total.

Out of Pocket Cost: $2.99 x 15 = $44.85
($19.00/$44.85) x 100% = 42%

That’s 42% of your purchased price that goes to your school!  Not bad at all. Cascadian.jpeg

Cascadian Farm offers other products if you’re not interested in their Granola bars.  Their organic offering should suite your needs.

  • Cereals
  • Granola Bars
  • Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
  • fruitSpread
  • Juice Concentrate
  • Relish… yes, relish

Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Best Time to Stock-up on Annie’s Mac & Cheese


Now is the best time to stock-up on Annie’s Mac & Cheese variations from Safeway.  Limited time until 9/12/2017, you could purchase Annie’s Mac & Cheese Selections for only $1.25 each.  You know what time means, an endless supply of Mac & Cheese for the rest of the year.  Instead of string bean casserole for Thanksgiving, why not a string bean Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar.  =)

Annie’s offers organic and natural products and I’ve heard great reviews on their products.  I even had a short conversation at the Safeway I usually go with a mother.  She mentioned that her daughters prefer Annie’s Mac & Cheese over other well known brands.  “Other brands tastes artificial.  Annie’s Mac & Cheese tastes more natural and real,” she says.  And I agree, Annie’s Mac & Cheese tasks better.  It must be the cheese they use.  It’s hard to believe the difference in the taste between two brands. Yes, the other brand is slightly cheaper, but if I’m consuming Mac & Cheese for lunch or snack, I’d prefer the one that tastes better.


Annie’s Mac & Cheese Selections are now on sale at Safeway for $1.25 each.  Here are some of the selections that are on sale at your nearest Safeway.  Please comment or send me an email if I missed anything.


Yes, Box Tops for Education has a bonus offer for Annie’s Mac & Cheese.  The offer says:

Earn 20 on Annie’s when you purchase any 5 Annie’s products starting 7/10/17. Limit 5, Scan by 9/30/17.

If you buy any 5 Annie’s products, you can earn $2.00 towards your school.  You don’t have to buy just Mac & Cheese because Annie’s offer other products ranging from yogurt, gummy rabbits, brownie mix, tomato soup, cereals, Pizza rolls, and countless more other products.  But if you want to maximize your eBox Tops while spending the lease, then the Mac & Cheese is for you.

Here is a Simple Math
$1.25 x 5 = $6.25 (out of pocket)
In return, you earn $2.00 towards your school! Hurray!

Hypothetically, if you purchase 25 Annie’s Mac & Cheese selections then:
$1.25 x 25 = $31.25 (out of pocket)

In return, you earn $10.00 towards your school! Another Hurray!!
That’s 32% of your purchased price that goes to your school!  Not bad.

Just follow the Bonus App for Box Tops for Education to upload your receipt.  Refer to my previous posts to sign up to Box Tops for Education and to download the Bonus Offer App. Within 6 hours or so, you should see the bonus eBox Tops reflected on your account.

Here is a screen shot of the $2.00 I earned for my school.  I believe this is my 3rd time using the bonus offer.  So I can use the offer 2 more times before the offer expires.


Note: Make note of when the bonus offer expires (9/30/17) and also when the Safeway offer expires (9/12/17)

Happy Box Tops Clipping!