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BTFE at Costco

It’s the new years and its time to restock your house hold supplies. As I was strolling through the aisles at Costco with my two daughters sitting on the cart nagging me to stop by at each sampler, something outrageously cool caught my eyes. I found what would be my first BTFE contribution to my daughter’s school for 2018!

  • The Finish powerball (110tabletst) with 8 BTFE on the container
  • Kleenex 10 package with 10 BTFE on the package


*note the container on the FINISH above says 105, but what you can find at Costco is 110.

As I always do, I decide to stock up on the goods!!!

3 Finish powerball and 4 Kleenex. I will always need a dishwasher detergent, and there isn’t enough tissue to go around the house as my wife and the two girls caught a cold over the new years… It’s only a matter of time when I will have ot use the Kleenex to blow my nose.  Neverthless,  40 boxes of Kleenex will do the job… probably last only for the next four weeks..

With my purchase, I got a total of 24 BTFE from the Finish Powerball and 40 BTFE from the Kleenex, equating the total to 64 BTFE. That’s a great way to start the new years!!

Happy box tops clipping!