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Earn 4 Box Tops on Cheerios

Earn 4 Box Tops on Cheerios

Us parents can never get enough of them Cheerios. Until 4/30/18, you could earn 4 eBox Tops with a purchase of Cheerios.  My family goes through at least 1 box a week.  I can buy 5 boxes of Cheerios in advance which equates to 20 eBox Tops or $2.00 towards my school.


Why purchase 5 Cheerios in advance?  Well if you didn’t know, there are at least 18 differen flavors of Cheerios to chose from. I didn’t know either.

What is your favorite Cheerios? Pumpkin Spice, Honey Nut Cheerios, Very Berry Cheerios? Try them try them and you will see? You may like them you will see!

Happy Box Tops Clipping!



Cheerios 8 Box Tops from Costco

There is something we can all cheer for when20170923_123628.jpg we shop at Costco.  We all shop at Costco to buy in bulk, so why not do it for Cheerios.  For parents with kids, we know Cheerios is an essential and also an emergency food for our kids.  We take them to school, on the road, on the plane, and even overseas.  We even bring a box of Cheerios in our suitcase when we travel internationally.  Cheerios is a comfort food for our kids.  So why not stock them.

I realized just recently that some of the Cheerios boxes at Costco has a total of 8 Box Tops, 1 on the top of the box and 3 on the bottom.  And when you buy them at Costco, you’re typically forced to purchase a set of two.  You could purchase Cheerios for your neighbors who do not have a Costco membership.  Just make a sweet deal that you’d take all the Box Tops in an exchange for buying the Cheerios for them.


As you can see on the front cover of the box, there are a total of 8 Box Tops on pack.   You can make it into a fun activity with your kids to find all the Box Tops.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!