I Love My School Sweepstakes

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day. What’s more to love about BTFE and your school. Box Tops for Education has sweepstakes where 5 schools will have a chance to win 5,000 bonus BTFE each. Go ahead and sign up for BTFE and enter the sweepstakes for a chance for your school to win BIG. I mean Big!

The Sweepstakes is valid until 2/25/18. So hurry!!

*Limit, one entry per person/email address per day!! You can enter once a day until the sweepstakes end to increase the chance of winning!



Purchasing BTFE on Ebay Part 2

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about purchasing BTFE on eBay.  To summarize the findings, there were many users on eBay selling BTFE, namely 123 sellers.  The par price for each Box Tops is $.10, while most of the sellers were offering between $.04 and $.32 each.  That’s up to $.22 above the par price.  Anything less than $.10 eventually will get bid above the par price

You really have to watch out for what you’re bidding for and how much you’re spending.  Establish a limit and never exceed your threshold.  That’s the only way of not overspending.  As a rule of thumb, anything between $.11 and $.15 is a fair price.  Above $.15 may be on the high end, and never exceed $.20 for each Box Tops.


Never the less, I went ahead and purchased 840 Box Tops. The result? The seller shipped 840 Box Tops.  None of them were expired.  Sweet!!  The earliest expiration date was 6/2018, which means my daughter can bring them to her school’s spring collection!

In conclusion, eBay is a reliable method for purchasing Box Tops without having to buy participating products at grocery stores.  And the spending can be minimized by finding the best deal.  You will always pay above the par price, but that’s anticipated as sellers still need to cover their shipping and posting fees.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!



Why buy BTFE on eBay

So why buy BTFE one Ebay? Some may say that this will defeat the whole purpose of buying products from General Mills and other participating products.  It also defeats the purpose of enjoying a family time, sitting around the dining table cutting BTFE from cereal boxes with kids.

To that, what I can say is buying BTFE on eBay actually saves time and money for those who do not want to change their lifestyle and grocery shopping pattern but want to contribute to their kid’s school.

Let’s take an easy example.  In my previous post, I write about purchasing 840 BTFE on eBay for $114.99, which equated to paying $.14 each.  This is approximately $0.04 above the par price of $.10.  Let’s assume that you want to collect BTFE by purchasing grocery products, but don’t want to pay in excess.  The cheapest item I found at Walmart was the Old El Paso Taco seasoning for $.87.

Screenshot_20171029-201549.pngIn order to achieve 840 BTFE, you would need to purchase 840 Old El Paso Taco seasoning and pay $731.  Most significantly, you and your family get to enjoy 840 days of Tacos… and for Christmas too.  I would gladly pay $114.99 for 840 BTFE and enjoy a nice prime rib on a Christmas day.  Furthermore, I don’t have to change my lifestyle or shopping pattern just to collect BTFE.

So enjoy this holiday season with none-BTFE products.  You deserve a day off.

Happy BoxTops Clipping



Purchasing BTFE on Ebay Part 1

Yet again, I explored the world wide web find means to maximize BTFE earnings for my daughter’s school.  The best site for collecting BTFE is still eBay.   There were 123 results on eBay for BTFE.  eBay users selling BTFE clips for parents who are passionate about raising money for their kid’s school.  So what is the reward? A self-satisfaction that they contributed to a bigger educational cause.

Find below are some of the BTFE offers on eBay:

The buyer’s price for each BTFE ranges from $.04 to $.32.  For those that are under $.10, there is a high probability that the selling price will exceed the par price of $.10.  BTFE on eBay is a seller’s market, and they would not sell short as sellers want the largest margin possible.  It is then safe to assume that the selling price would be in a range of $.13 and $.32 for each BTFE.

Taking that in mind, I found a seller with the following product and a description.

The seller was selling 840 BTFE for $114.99 which equated to $0.14 each.  As expected, I was going to pay above the par price of $.10.  But, one benefit of buying from this seller was that I didn’t have to pay for shipping.  Surprisingly, some sellers charge as much as $10.00 for shipping.

Another thing I chose to buy from this seller was the description.  The earliest expiration date was 6/2018, which meant none of the BTFEs will be expired on the next collection date of  March 1st, 2018 or earlier.  So let the betting begin!

How to Deck Out your Box Tops Collection Box

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the time to download the Box Tops for Education mobile app, and we all resort to clipping out Box Tops from our cereal boxes.  I hear men can be quite useful.  They usually are in charge of consuming the cereal every morning, and even at night to savor the rich and healthy cereal enriched with essential amino acids and vitamins.  So why not create a collection box for your home and maybe in your office.  Persuade your peers and coworkers to contribute to your cause!!

I can’t say I do a marvelous job decorating my Box Tops collection box.  It’s not even a box either, its a Box Tops collection bag hanging from the refrigerator.  Let’s face it, I’m an engineer, anything practical is suitable for my needs.  Heck, I’ll even stick them on a duck tape for they don’t fall off. 20170919_003651.jpg

But, don’t fret, there are many different ways to collect your Box Tops clips. For the 99% of us who do not have time, there is a collection sheet that can be downloaded from the Box Tops for Education website.  I honestly can’t say this is the most affractive collection sheet, but it will do the job.  Suggest to your kids that this is the best alternative to putting the Box Tops in a plastic bag.  And bring the collection sheet to your participating school.  It would make it easier for your BTFE (Box Tops for Education) coordinator to count the clips.  BTFE Collection sheet.png

Okay, for the 1% of you who want to put your heart and soul into Box Tops for Education, here are few BTFE collection box ideas that could spark your creative thoughts.  Get ready to take notes and be amazed.

Box Top Bot (robot) created by Karen Crawford. Items used:  silver/shiny gift bags, laminating film, gloves, dryer vent tubing, sponges, milk caps, wiggle eyes, lids, boxes, & hot glue.  Easy to make!  Good Luck & Hope you like my Box Top Robot!  Have fun collecting Box Tops!Image result for amazing box tops for education collection box ideasMinion themed Box Tops and Labels for Education collection bin.Related imagebox tops for education mailbox - Google SearchBox Tops Collection box. Feed the school's mascot your box tops.Close up of our box tops collection box.  I got a cardboard box that eggs are transported in.  It's a nice size, not too big, but not too small.  And very sturdy.  Covered it in foil wrapping paper.  Re-inforced the edgeds, bottom and seams with clear packing tape and affixed clip art that I printed to it.  Volla!New Box Tops for Education collection mailbox I made for our school.