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4/1/18 Due: Lucky Charms Sweepstakes

Time is running out to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win 5,000 Bonus Box Tops.  7  schools have a chance to win it big and your school can be one of them.  However, time is running out and the sweepstakes ends on 4/1/2018.  So Act Quick.

No need to purchase anything.  Just login into your Box Tops account and enter to win!

Lucky Charm.png

Happy Box Tops Clipping



 Box Tops on Ebay

Okay, we’re doing our best to collect Box Tops or eBox Tops by purchasing everyday goods from General Mills and other participating products.  For those who want to accelerate and accumulate as much Box Tops as possible for your school, they can turn to eBay or Craigslist.  Unfortunately, I think the cost of Box Tops from eBay or Craiglist might be overpriced and poses several risks to consider before triggering the buy button. Here is an extensive list of sellers on Ebay.  I broke down the cost to the sellers’ net margin and the unit cost for each Box Top to the buyers.

Figure Description Unit Cost

100 Box Tops for Education – Trimmed – BTFE No Expired Box Tops 2017-2020

This is for 100 Box Tops for Education (BTFE)- No expired coupons. All Box tops are dated from 2017 to 2020. Lot will have a mixture of singles and bonus coupons. Picture is a generic photo of a lot that the box tops are taken from.


Box Top unit price ($.10)
100Box Top  x $.10 =$10

What you’re buying for:

$22/100 =$0.22/eaSellers Margin
(($0.22-$0.1)/($0.22)) x100%= 55%

50 Box Tops for Education – Trimmed – BTFE No Expired Tops All 2018 or Later

This is for 50 Box Tops for Education (BTFE)- No expired coupons. All dates are 2018 or later. All lots are individual box tops. Picture is a generic photo of a lot that the box tops are taken from.



Box Top unit price ($.10)
50Box Top  x $.10 =$5What you’re buying for:

Sellers Margin
($0.26-$0.1)/($0.26)) x100%= 62%

840 Box Tops for Education Points Neatly Trimmed + Bagged - Free Shipping!

840 Box Tops for Education Points Neatly Trimmed + Bagged – Free Shipping!

  • $94.99
Box Top unit price ($.10)
840Box Top  x $.10 =$84What you’re buying for:
$94.99/840 =$0.113/ea

Sellers Margin
(($0.113-$0.1)/($0.113)) x100%= 12%

 300 Box Tops For Education Neatly Trimmed. First to Exp 3/18.

300 Box Tops For Education Neatly Trimmed. First to Exp 3/18.

  • $36.00
Box Top unit price ($.10)
300Box Top  x $.10 =$30What you’re buying for:
$36/300 =$0.12/ea

Sellers Margin
(($0.12-$0.1)/($0.12)) x100%= 17%

As shown above, the price you’ll be paying for each Box Tops ranges from $0.11 to $0.26 for each Box Tops while the par price is $0.10.  The said unit price may not include the cost of shipping, which could inflate the actual cost of each Box Tops even more.  It is nearly impossible to get a 1:1 price for each Box Tops.  You really have to look hard and bid wisely.  Even if you could get a sweet deal, there are several risks that cannot be overlooked:

  • Box Tops expiration
  • Actual number of Box Tops can be different from what’s advertised
  • Honesty of the seller sending the Box Tops
  • Mode used to acquire the Box Tops (e.g., stolen or illegally acquired)

But if you don’t mind the slight price increase for each Box Tops and trust the seller to be honest and trustforthy.  Then, let the Bidding begin!!!!

Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Best Time to Stock-up on Annie’s Mac & Cheese


Now is the best time to stock-up on Annie’s Mac & Cheese variations from Safeway.  Limited time until 9/12/2017, you could purchase Annie’s Mac & Cheese Selections for only $1.25 each.  You know what time means, an endless supply of Mac & Cheese for the rest of the year.  Instead of string bean casserole for Thanksgiving, why not a string bean Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar.  =)

Annie’s offers organic and natural products and I’ve heard great reviews on their products.  I even had a short conversation at the Safeway I usually go with a mother.  She mentioned that her daughters prefer Annie’s Mac & Cheese over other well known brands.  “Other brands tastes artificial.  Annie’s Mac & Cheese tastes more natural and real,” she says.  And I agree, Annie’s Mac & Cheese tasks better.  It must be the cheese they use.  It’s hard to believe the difference in the taste between two brands. Yes, the other brand is slightly cheaper, but if I’m consuming Mac & Cheese for lunch or snack, I’d prefer the one that tastes better.


Annie’s Mac & Cheese Selections are now on sale at Safeway for $1.25 each.  Here are some of the selections that are on sale at your nearest Safeway.  Please comment or send me an email if I missed anything.


Yes, Box Tops for Education has a bonus offer for Annie’s Mac & Cheese.  The offer says:

Earn 20 on Annie’s when you purchase any 5 Annie’s products starting 7/10/17. Limit 5, Scan by 9/30/17.

If you buy any 5 Annie’s products, you can earn $2.00 towards your school.  You don’t have to buy just Mac & Cheese because Annie’s offer other products ranging from yogurt, gummy rabbits, brownie mix, tomato soup, cereals, Pizza rolls, and countless more other products.  But if you want to maximize your eBox Tops while spending the lease, then the Mac & Cheese is for you.

Here is a Simple Math
$1.25 x 5 = $6.25 (out of pocket)
In return, you earn $2.00 towards your school! Hurray!

Hypothetically, if you purchase 25 Annie’s Mac & Cheese selections then:
$1.25 x 25 = $31.25 (out of pocket)

In return, you earn $10.00 towards your school! Another Hurray!!
That’s 32% of your purchased price that goes to your school!  Not bad.

Just follow the Bonus App for Box Tops for Education to upload your receipt.  Refer to my previous posts to sign up to Box Tops for Education and to download the Bonus Offer App. Within 6 hours or so, you should see the bonus eBox Tops reflected on your account.

Here is a screen shot of the $2.00 I earned for my school.  I believe this is my 3rd time using the bonus offer.  So I can use the offer 2 more times before the offer expires.


Note: Make note of when the bonus offer expires (9/30/17) and also when the Safeway offer expires (9/12/17)

Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Using Box Tops for Education Mobile App

Using Box Tops for Education Mobile App is the most efficient way to collect the Box Tops.  Not only will you be earning the physical cut outs by purchasing participating products, but you earn bonus Box Tops in addition to you what you earn physically.  There are, however, terms and condition you have to follow.  Some important disclaimers are:
  • You must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States of America to use the Service.  (I’m sure most of us are over 18).
  • To access most features of the Service you must register for an account. (Please read my previous post to sign up to Box Tops for Education online.
  • You may purchase and redeem multiple offers on each receipt.  Each individual offer may be redeemed up to the limited indicated at the time of receipt
You can find the terms and conditions once you download the mobile app.   PLEASE NOTE  we cannot use receipts from purchases performed online. I tried several times, and I failed to earn Box Tops credits. =(

RECEIPT ID 51478775.
Unless this purchase was made outside of the U.S., something went wrong. Please contact us, referencing this Receipt ID, and we’ll figure it out! (Purchases outside the U.S. are not valid. See terms.)
Please re-scan your receipt in the Box Tops Bonus App before the “Scan By Date” noted on the offers you selected or visit the Help Desk for assistance.
Thank you for using the Box Tops Bonus App and helping your school get what it needs!

Okay, now that we’ve established some baseline, let’s download the app!
1) Go to Google Play or Apple App Store from your smart phone and download the app.Box Tops Bonus App.
2) Press  Install to install the app. (The button should be located where it says OPEN on my screen)
3) Once you install the App, you will be prompted to fill in your email address and password, which you should have created online.  (Please see my previous post for signing up on Box Tops for Education online).  You can also  sign up to Box Tops for Education through the App.
4) Once you input your information, the App will take you to the main page.
5) As you can see, there are only 3 tabs, which makes it easy to navigate through the App.  There are Offers, Progress, and My Profile.
  • Offer: a list of participating products that will earn you bonus points (a new item is added once a week or so)
  • Progress: Your activity and your school’s progress are shown.
  • My Profile: Your Profile
6) As you can see this mobile App is intuitive and doesn’t offer much buttons press.
7) Let’s take a look at the offerings.  There are currently 39 products that offer bonus Box Tops.  Here is a screenshot for Annie’s products bonus offer.   Annie’s offers organic and natural products and my two daughters have been eating them since they were little.  It’s my family’s number one choice for Mac & Cheese.

The offer reads, Earn 20 on Annie’s when you purchase any 5 Annie’s product starting 7/10/17. Limit 5

This means, if you purchase 5 Annie’s products (typically on sale for $1.99 at Safeway for Mac & Cheese). You could earn 20 bonus Box Tops and that’s worth $2.00 that goes towards your school.  That’s Awesome!!!  My two girls eat at least 1 box of Mac & Cheese every week.  The expiration for these products are typically good until 2018 or later.  So I can manage to purchase 25 boxes and my family would consume them within half a year.  In return, I can raise $10.00 for my school!!!!

Let’s do a simple math:
25 x $2 (annie’s mac & cheese) = $50 (money you would have spent regardless)

Box Tops earning from the transaction
25 (physical cut outs) = $2.50
5 (offers) x $2.00 (bonus) = $10.00

In total, you just earned $12.50 towards your school. Hurray!!

8) So let’s say you purchased 5 items from a store.  What you need to do, is to press Select on the offer you’re trying to get.  The gray button will turn pink once you select it.  Then press on Scan Receipt.  When you review your offers, press on + or – to select the number of offers you will be submitting at once.  In this case, I purchased 5 items, I would have 1 as the number of offer and press on Scan 1 offer.
 9) Now all you need to do is take a picture of the receipt. If this is your first time, the App may request your permission to store and access your photo.   Press Yes.
10) Press on Take Photo to take a picture of the receipt.  If you’re receipt is long, you could add additional section by pressing on Add Section. Once finished, just press on FINISH.
Yes, it’s that simple.   You should get a confirmation email when you submit, and also an acceptance email when the offer gets applied to your account.  The money you collected from the bonus App go directly towards your school.
Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Introduction to Box Tops for Education

How Box Tops for Education works. I never realized this was a big thing (well, for some schools) uBoxTops image.jpgntil my daughter started Kindergarten. These Box Tops cut outs are on most General Mills and other participating products. Each cut out is worth $.10. Basically, 1 cutout equates to $.10 of money that goes to your school of choice. Schools that collect the most Box Tops get the collect the most money. It’s like playing monopoly in real life, only with cardboard money that’s worth a fraction of a dollar each. But with the right people participating in the effort, we can maximize the total earning for our schools. As a result, we may possibly reduce the amount of money we donate to schools.

We all know what it takes for us to get the cutouts.  Use a pair of scissors and cut out each label.  And we know how boring that gets.  Well, we still have to continue our tedious effort to collect the physical Box Tops cutouts.  But there’s more to it, thanks to the digital world we live in.

Box Tops for Education came boxtops bonus app.pngup with another way of letting us participate.  That is, through their mobile app.  You can download the App from your smart phone via Google play or Apple Store.  This is a faster way to collect Box Tops in their bonus offers.  For example, one offer I saw was for Lysol products.  “Buy 5 Lysol products and earn 100 Boxtops.-limited to 5 per person.”  That’s 10 dollars that would go to your school.  (I’ll write about my experience on Lysol purchases later).

We can also participate in sponsor sweepstakes for a chance to win BIG for our schools.  It costs nothing to part-take in the sweepstakes.

So why not DO IT? Do it for your school; Do it for yourself, and Do it for your kids.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!