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Sweepstakes! DOUBLE UP your School’s Fall Box Tops Earning Check

Offer: Double your School’s Fall Box Tops Earning Check
Prize: 5 School will win.

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2018 Starting the Year Right with BTFE

2018 is here, and we should start off the year right with making a new year resolution. This year make a plan to collect 100, even 1000 BTFE for your school. And Walmart has the right solution to start off the year on track.

You can earn 50 BTFE on participating Box Tops product at Walmart. And this is valid for 5times. But you have to hurry because the offer ends on 1/31/18. If you do not have anything to buy at Walmart, there is always a way. The Old El Paso Fajita mix costs about $.99 per package. You would need to purchase 25 packages or spend $25. You will then be able to raise 250 BTFE for your school. The flipside, however, is that you will have to have Fajita for the next 25 days. I mean, who doesn’t like nice Mexican food! Go grab a case of Corona while you’re at it. (not eligible for BTFE)


Happy Box Top Clipping!

Purchasing BTFE on Ebay Part 2

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about purchasing BTFE on eBay.  To summarize the findings, there were many users on eBay selling BTFE, namely 123 sellers.  The par price for each Box Tops is $.10, while most of the sellers were offering between $.04 and $.32 each.  That’s up to $.22 above the par price.  Anything less than $.10 eventually will get bid above the par price

You really have to watch out for what you’re bidding for and how much you’re spending.  Establish a limit and never exceed your threshold.  That’s the only way of not overspending.  As a rule of thumb, anything between $.11 and $.15 is a fair price.  Above $.15 may be on the high end, and never exceed $.20 for each Box Tops.


Never the less, I went ahead and purchased 840 Box Tops. The result? The seller shipped 840 Box Tops.  None of them were expired.  Sweet!!  The earliest expiration date was 6/2018, which means my daughter can bring them to her school’s spring collection!

In conclusion, eBay is a reliable method for purchasing Box Tops without having to buy participating products at grocery stores.  And the spending can be minimized by finding the best deal.  You will always pay above the par price, but that’s anticipated as sellers still need to cover their shipping and posting fees.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!



Men can Cook2! Hamburger Helper

Round 2, this time, I came home hoping for my wife to have something ready for our two girls and myself.  Nothing was there for us. Wife sent me a text saying she was coming home late.  Oh great, another left over dinner.

I Iooked in the refrigerator and saw nothing.  Only cheese, salami, carrots, half used pasta sauce.  I found a can of corn, diced tomatoes, and a HAMBURGER HELPER.  I thought for a few second and decided to use the said ingredients to put something together.  To recap, the ingredients were:

  • Shredded cheese
  • Slices of salami
  • Carrots
  • Half used pasta sauce
  • Canned corn
  • CannedDiced tomatoes
  1. Boil the pasta from the hamburger helper until tender and drain the water
  2. Boil diced carrots for 10 minutes and drain the water
  3. Pour canned diced tomatoes into a pan and turn on the heat
  4. Add the canned corns, the remainder of the pasta sauce, and a bay leaf. 

  5. Set aside an au gratin dish and put salami, boiled hamburger helper pasta, cheese, carrots, and the PASTA SAUCE just created.
  6. Top it offer with a little more cheese and broil for 10 minutes.  And its Done



Happy Box Tops Clipping!

Digital and Physical Coupons From BTFE

Grocery stores and other retail stores bombard us with coupons. Coupons come to use in various channels through mailbox via direct or indirect distributions, Sunday newspapers, email subscriptions, targeted offers, in app-exclusive offers, blog affiliate ads, and the list goes on. Why should we care about coupons, as they may be a waste of our valuable time and it only saves us $.30 here and $.40 there. Because of the small incremental value of saving per item, we tend to neglect them. However, with few mathematical approaches, we may be able to justify spending time out of our busy life to go through lists of coupons.

For example, I typically save about $15 per transaction at a grocery store. $15 is a modest amount of saving, and it’s equivalent to about 3 tall lattes or 7 tall drip coffees at Starbucks. The family typically goes grocery shopping once a week to replenish the refrigerator for the following week. In 1 year the saving adds up to approximately $15 x 52 weeks/yr =$780. That’s not bad! The saving I get from grocery shopping is greater than what I typically spend on gas for 1 year in commute. I can now reroute the savings to refueling my vehicle; therefore the net cost of gas purchase becomes zero. What I’m trying to infer from my experience is that small savings matter, and they can be added up to be a significant amount of money.

Whether you like digital coupons or enjoy clipping them, BTFE (Box Tops for Education) has both types to satisfy the mass. For example, images below are surveys of offers. As can be seen, not all of the items on the digital and physical coupons contain Box Tops cutouts (red border indicates products withBox Tops cutouts). The key here is to use any of these coupons in addition to what yo use regularly to purchase products that participate in Box Tops for Education and to maximize your overall saving. Saving money and Box Tops collections are very similar. They both require a long-term outlook and patience.



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