100 Bonus Box Tops when you buy 3 Participating Items from BOXED: Ends 9/9/18

HURRRY!~~~~  This is a great deal.  100 Bonus Box Tops from BOXED.  And even a better deal if you have not tried BOXED before because you get free shipping.  Purchase any 3 participating items such as Annie’s Mac N Cheese or Cheerios.  I purchased 2 Cheerios and 1 Annie’s Mac N Cheese and cost me about $27 dollars. With a free shipping included, I was able to earn 100 bonus Box Tops for my daughter’s school. Here is how I did it:

Click on “in-store offers” under EARN BOX TOPS on the Box Tops website. Scroll down and find the bonus offer.

Make sure you’ve chosen your school under “MY BOX TOPS ACCOUNT” (You should have your BTFE account already created, if not, click on this link to learn how to open an account). Or, you could still open a Box Tops account through BOXED by following its directions.

Purchase 3 participating items and place your order (for first time BOXED users , shipping is free).

Here is my proof:


That’s all you have to do.  Not too bad huh.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!





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