Walmart Buy 5 Get 50 BTFE until 9/30/18

Walmart is getting a head start on BTFE bonus. With an in-store bonus of 50 BTFE when you buy 5 participating products. This offer is limited to 5 times, therefore, with a potential to accumulate 250 BTFE for your school.

Why not get a head start as well; that’s what I did. I purchased 25 boxes of Annie’s Mac n Cheese. This should be enough to last my family until the end of the year, given the current rate that my kids are eating them.

Be sure to have the BTFE app downloaded from the app store for your IOS or Android phone.  If you have not had the BTFE app, following the links below to get started:

Signing up to BTFE

How to down load BTFE App.

Once you have the app and selected the school you’ll collect BTFE for, Go to Walmart and start shopping.

  1. Buy 5
  2. Scan your receipt with the BTFE mobile app
  3. Earn 50 BTFE

By maximizing this opportunity you could earn a total of 250 BTFE or $25 towards your school.

20180715 Walmart BTFE.jpg

Happy Box Tops Clipping!

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