Learn More About BTFE Coordinator Role

Let’s learn a little about the Box Tops for Education Coordinator Role at your school. Their primary task isn’t just counting BTFE cut outs that students submit. They do more than that!
Q1: First of all, Who is a coordinator?

A: A coordinator is a VOLUNTEER who runs the Box Tops program at a school. An enthusiastic Coordinator can make all the difference in the success of a school’s Box Tops program! This also translates not only to the coordinator but having active engagement from parents as well. It is a collective effort, and the BTFE coordinator leads the program!
Q2: What does a coordinator do?

A: They are the primary liaison between BTFE and the school.

  • Raise awareness and motivate supporters about the school’s Box Tops Program.
  • Communicate the school’s earnings progress to school supporters.
  • Organize and submit all the Box Tops collected by the school

Q3: How can you help?!

A: Coordinators appreciate all the help they can get! Here are some ways you can give your school’s

  • Always send your Box Tops to school in a bundle of 50.
  • Ask local business if they’d be willing to donate gift cards or other prizes for your school’s collection contest.
  • Offer to make copies of collection sheets to hand out at school.
  • Volunteer to help bundle Box Tops at submission time (October and February)
  • Thank your Coordinator for their hard work

If you would like to learn more about becoming a coordinator, follow the link below:


Happy Box Tops Clipping!

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