What’s Your Favorite Cereal

It’s been getting colder lately. Let’s take care of our body by eating a hearty breakfast to fight against the cold and start off your day right.

“Hot Cocoa Puffs”

For those with small children, it may be necessary to creat warm drinks so that children do not catch a cold. One thing I will introduce is “Hot Cocoa Puffs ™.” It is a limited edition cereal and now with marshmallows. How about a creating a chocolate cereal with warm milk.  Kids can drink hot chocolate milk after finishing their breakfast. Breakfast and a desert in one, what a deal.

cocoa puffs

Raisin Nut Bran Cereal

I recommend “Raisin Nut Bran Cereal” for those who like to enjoy a healthy cereal for breakfast.

Raisin Nut Bran is a breakfast cereal from General Mills that consists of plump raisins covered in a delicious nutty coating and crisp bran flakes. This delicious soft nut-covered raisin with slivered almonds and crisp barn flakes makes a great, healthy combination with milk.

It has 180 calories per meal and contains 3.5 g total fat per 55 g. With an excellent source of whole grains, this grain provides at least 16 grams of grain for each offer. Nine out of 10 Americans do not eat whole wheat flour. The whole grain packs a powerful punch. Plant nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibers work together, keeping health.

rasin nut bran.png

“Rice Chex™ Cereal” gluten-free.

Rice Chex ™ Cereal was the first mainstream of gluten-free cereals. Originally gluten-free was a diet aimed at improving the constitution of people with gluten allergy.

However, if athletes and models practiced gluten-free eating habits, they may get healthier and the results improved, beautiful and thin. These gluten-free items have been widely consumed by people without allergies to gluten. By switching to gluten-free products, some have claimed that their abdominal pain, headache, insomnia, dizziness, menstrual pain, fatigue, rough skin, have improved. Wow, it might be worth a try

Chex gluten free.png

Did you find the one that you liked? Why not try them all.

Lastly, with a purchase of any General Mills cereal, you get to cut out a BTFE and donate to your school!

Happy Box Tops clipping!

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