2018 Starting the Year Right with BTFE

2018 is here, and we should start off the year right with making a new year resolution. This year make a plan to collect 100, even 1000 BTFE for your school. And Walmart has the right solution to start off the year on track.

You can earn 50 BTFE on participating Box Tops product at Walmart. And this is valid for 5times. But you have to hurry because the offer ends on 1/31/18. If you do not have anything to buy at Walmart, there is always a way. The Old El Paso Fajita mix costs about $.99 per package. You would need to purchase 25 packages or spend $25. You will then be able to raise 250 BTFE for your school. The flipside, however, is that you will have to have Fajita for the next 25 days. I mean, who doesn’t like nice Mexican food! Go grab a case of Corona while you’re at it. (not eligible for BTFE)


Happy Box Top Clipping!

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