Safeway Store BTFE is Back, But not for long

There is a chance of earning 20 eBTFE for your school. This is only valid for ONE TIME ONLY. And the offer expires on 1/23/2018. The expiration date may be different for other people. But based on my Safeway App, this is only valid until 1/23/2018.

Enrollment required. Why do these stores have to make it so difficult to collect what we want…

First, need to enroll your school through the Safeway website. If you do not have a Safeway account, you would need to create it now. If you already have a Safeway account, please sign in and enroll your school.


safeway enroll.png

When you login, you will see the following screen.

View offer.png

Click on View Offers to go the next screen.

Register here.png

Click on Register Here to register your school. All you have to do now is click ADD from either from the Safeway website or the App to Add the “Offer” to your Safeway card. Then Shop at your nearest Safeway Store and purchase 5 participating General Mills items and you just earned 20 eBTFE for your school!. Hurray!!!

Happy Box Tops Clipping!


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