Purchasing BTFE on Ebay Part 2

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about purchasing BTFE on eBay.  To summarize the findings, there were many users on eBay selling BTFE, namely 123 sellers.  The par price for each Box Tops is $.10, while most of the sellers were offering between $.04 and $.32 each.  That’s up to $.22 above the par price.  Anything less than $.10 eventually will get bid above the par price

You really have to watch out for what you’re bidding for and how much you’re spending.  Establish a limit and never exceed your threshold.  That’s the only way of not overspending.  As a rule of thumb, anything between $.11 and $.15 is a fair price.  Above $.15 may be on the high end, and never exceed $.20 for each Box Tops.


Never the less, I went ahead and purchased 840 Box Tops. The result? The seller shipped 840 Box Tops.  None of them were expired.  Sweet!!  The earliest expiration date was 6/2018, which means my daughter can bring them to her school’s spring collection!

In conclusion, eBay is a reliable method for purchasing Box Tops without having to buy participating products at grocery stores.  And the spending can be minimized by finding the best deal.  You will always pay above the par price, but that’s anticipated as sellers still need to cover their shipping and posting fees.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!



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