Monsters Cereal Madness Sweepstakes-Box Tops for Education

While most of the Box Tops deals and sweepstakes are coming to an end. There is one more reason to check out Box Tops for Education.  Box Tops for Education is doing sweepstakes for October 2017.  The sweepstakes are valid until the 31st of October.  It’s still never too late to win Box Tops for your school.  The list below summarizes all the prizes:

  • One,  10,000 Bonus Box Tops
  • Ten,     1,000 Bonus Box Tops

With your participation, your school will have a chance to win one of the eleven prizes through the Sweepstakes.  You can enter DAILY for a chance to win a prize.  So call up your friends, family, and fellow parents at your school and encourage them to enter.  If you do not have an account, you can follow my previous post to sign up to Box Tops for Education and make your way to Sweepstakes.  You just can’t miss the banner as it features 3 horrifying looking characters resembling Halloween; Frankenstein, Vampire, and Marshmallow Man?


Happy Box Tops Clipping.

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