It’s Never Too Late to Sign up for Box Tops for Education Sweepstakes

One of the major reasons for Box Tops for Education is to raise money for your school.  There several ways to collect them, ranging from 1) physically clipping out the Box Tops from each participating products 2) Signing up to the mobile app and banking on the bonus eBox Tops to 3) Signing up to the sweepstakes.

As interesting as it seems, many hesitate the third option simply because parents may be unfamiliar with the Box Tops for Education account or just simply ignores the sweepstakes because of the mere low probability of winning.

It is unfortunate that there were already several sweepstakes that already ended, namely:

  • Hefty and Reynolds prep your pantry back to school sweeps
  • Hefty summer fun sweepstakes
  • The Walmart return to school coordinator drawing
  • Coordinators rock sweepstakes
  • I love my school sweepstakes
  • Go big, Win big with box tops sweepstakes
  • Box tops for education return to school sweepstakes
  • The Walmart back to school coordinator drawing

*so I WILL be prepared for next year!!!

There are however several sweepstakes from Box Tops for Education, which increases the probability of your school winning.


  1. Fall De-Clutter Sweepstakes from Hefty (5 schools will win 5k Bonus Box Tops
  2. Double up Sweepstakes
  3. Lysol 1 million Box Tops Give away
  4. Type it in for a chance to win 1 million Box Tops from participating products.

Let’s get out and sign-up for Box Tops for Education and enter the sweepstakes.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!



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