Box Tops for Education is not just for kids; Men can also participate too

During my time away from home this week for business, I had been asking people I encountered about Box Tops for Education.  Majority of the people were familiarwith Box Tops for Education.  Interestingly, more women knew more about the program than men.  However, what caught my attention was their distinctively different narratives to their past stories between women and men.

Women respondents proceeded to share their story with “I used to collect Box Tops with my kids while they were in elementary school and had them bring the cutouts to school.” While Men responded with “My kids used to cut them out of cereal boxes.”  What was notable from my interactions was the lack of Box Tops for Education participation by men.
In the wake of the new era when child care and house hold duties are becoming a shared responsibility of the Family,  I encourage all men to stand up and engage in family activities.  There are countless activities men can do to contribute to the well being of the family.  By taking charges, men can participate in Box Tops for Education and enjoy cutting out Box Tops out of package, a shared-value and valuable activities with your kids; that would be an every lasting memory.  I’m not asking all men to immediately start cooking, taking baby steps by taking initiatives in doing house hold duties you may not have tried.

Some activities could be:



Surprisingly all of the products associated with the activities listed above can earn you Box Tops; both physically and digitally.  (Refer to my previous post on signing up to the Box Tops for Education Bonus App).  Yes, and you never know, you may even win your own brownie points!!!

Happy Box Tops Clipping!


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Hoke A.

Father, Husband, Engineer, Businessman, Entrepreneur, and V.P. of Household cooking.

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