Signing up to Box Tops for Education

First thing first, go to Box Tops for Education Website and Find your school using City/State or Zip code.
Sign up School.png


Once you found the school you want to support, click on “SELECT THIS SCHOOL” found in a Pink font color below the address.  This is when your commitment begins.  I selected Ralston Middle School as an example.  You’ll find “JOIN” in a Pink font color on the bottom right. Now click on it to Join!!
Signing up.png


Fill in the required sections shown below: First name, Last name, Zip code, Birth date.  And click “NEXT.”


Fill in your email and your newly created password.  You can choose not to receive newsletters from Box Tops for Education. And click on “JOIN NOW.”


Congratulations!  You just signed up to support your school through Box Tops for Education.


Happy Box Tops Clipping!

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