Introduction to Box Tops for Education

How Box Tops for Education works. I never realized this was a big thing (well, for some schools) uBoxTops image.jpgntil my daughter started Kindergarten. These Box Tops cut outs are on most General Mills and other participating products. Each cut out is worth $.10. Basically, 1 cutout equates to $.10 of money that goes to your school of choice. Schools that collect the most Box Tops get the collect the most money. It’s like playing monopoly in real life, only with cardboard money that’s worth a fraction of a dollar each. But with the right people participating in the effort, we can maximize the total earning for our schools. As a result, we may possibly reduce the amount of money we donate to schools.

We all know what it takes for us to get the cutouts.  Use a pair of scissors and cut out each label.  And we know how boring that gets.  Well, we still have to continue our tedious effort to collect the physical Box Tops cutouts.  But there’s more to it, thanks to the digital world we live in.

Box Tops for Education came boxtops bonus app.pngup with another way of letting us participate.  That is, through their mobile app.  You can download the App from your smart phone via Google play or Apple Store.  This is a faster way to collect Box Tops in their bonus offers.  For example, one offer I saw was for Lysol products.  “Buy 5 Lysol products and earn 100 Boxtops.-limited to 5 per person.”  That’s 10 dollars that would go to your school.  (I’ll write about my experience on Lysol purchases later).

We can also participate in sponsor sweepstakes for a chance to win BIG for our schools.  It costs nothing to part-take in the sweepstakes.

So why not DO IT? Do it for your school; Do it for yourself, and Do it for your kids.

Happy Box Tops Clipping!


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